David “Two Crows” Rutland


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I was born in the Pacific Northwest and grew up surrounded by pine trees, mountains, rain forest ferns and the company of animals. In those early years I connected with nature and her children in ways that would come to fruition later in my life. I also had a great sense that this life we are living here is just a very small part of what is really going on, and that fueled in me an intense interest in all things spiritual and metaphysical. At the age of 7, my family relocated in Alaska, where I spent the next 40 years. During that time I explored paganism, Christianity, Buddhism and other expressions of alternative spirituality. Reading and studying, while educational, were not as inspirational as my hiking and private transcendent experiences atop mountains, on beaches and in the wild places to which my feet and my restless nature carried me. There is a spirit and a character to Alaska that wraps itself around your soul and never really leaves. I discovered that after coming to Ohio in 1999. Here in Ohio I have discovered new dimensions to my spiritual journey, new and precious friends to share that journey with, mounds and other sacred sites that have become a part of me forever, but that land up north, The Great Land with its high white-peaked mountains, turquoise blue glacier-fed rivers, long summer days of the Midnight Sun, winters of bright white snows and black night skies alive with the Aurora Borealis…it lives in me and it is from there that I draw my medicine, my totem animals and my spiritual heritage.



Paganism, Christianity, Buddhism, Indigenous Spirituality

Native American Church of Nemenhah – Minister and Medicine Man since 2010

Condor Eagle Chapter House of the Nemenhah – Co-Chief of Public Relations

Universal Life Church – Minister since 2003


Hands-on Healing for Humans and Animals

Organizer and Facilitator of Drum Circles and Drumming Events

Ceremonial Dancer and Performer


Pipe Ceremony


House Blessings

Shamanic artwork and implements (drum and pipe painting, walking sticks, fans, wands, sculpture, leatherwork)

Ceremonial costume design