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Ash Cave Gatherings

Gathering of 1,000 Drummers

Dancing with the Crystal Skulls at Serpent Mound (October 29th, 2011)

“Iggy and I both felt called to go to this event at the last minute, and were part of a very small gathering near the tail of the serpent, where we opened our bundles and began quietly drumming and dancing as Spirit led us. We did not intend to attract a crowd, but soon found ourselves at the center of a gathering of hundreds of people, drawn to come and celebrate with us in dancing, drumming and singing. This spontaneous celebration was further heightened when two of the Crystal Skulls were brought forth to join our circle. While we do not believe in the “activation” of sites like Serpent Mound, we do acknowledge and recognize what was happening inside ourselves and many of the others there as we came together as one in joyous unity of spirit. It Was Good To Be There!” ~ David Two Crows